Outdoor Cat Cages - Keep the Pet Safe
If you are a cat owner, you have no question had the debate with yourself as to whether your cat should be an indoor or an outdoor pet. On the one hand your cat will be safe and you will always know where he is but on the other palm he will probably be bored and a bored feline is a destructive kitty. However, there are a range of outdoor kitty cages on the market therefore you can have the best of both realms.
Cats are, by nature, looking creatures and they were never bred to stay indoors however, you will know how cats can wander and you have probably had days of worry, just to see your cat casually stroll in the door without a care in the world.

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Outdoor cat cages come in a range of shapes and sizes from the complete garden surround to something little bigger than a carrying case extra large cat cage but obviously, from the cat's point of view, bigger is better and very small is unnecessary; he might as well stay inside.
Probably the best product is a big cat enclosure which gives the illusion of giving the cat the run of the whole garden or better still, the version which attaches to the very best of an existing fence which really will give the cat the entire garden as his domain name but he won't be able to escape unless your dog is a relative of Houdini.
Other products such as cable playpens and mesh outdoor tents and runs are option outdoor cat cages and are definitely more lightweight while still giving the cat a lot of room to move around and a chance for fresh air and sun. Do make sure that the cat has a lot of toys to keep boredom away and anywhere high to sit and observe the world.
Avoid forget that kitty will still need food and water during his exterior accommodation of course, if the weather is hot, some shade too.
If the kitty is to spend long periods of time in the garden home, you should provide a scratching post as well or he'll start using the structure of the cage itself to keep his claws trimmed.
Outdoor cat cages are great for the peacefulness of mind of masters and are better for the cat than being cooped up inside all the time, but remember that the cat would instead be out and about mousing.
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